Volltext: IT & Finance

Risk Managers. Their responsibility is to set-up processes that will implement the 
Operational Risks Management processes as described in Figure 1. The complete set 
of goal-oriented descriptions of the business processes, maintained by the Business 
Process manager, can be the basis for defining a strategy concerning the operational 
risk management. Indeed, with these abstract descriptions, one can spot the 
weaknesses of the processes, and use it for risk identification (and classification) and 
risk assessment. 
Quality managers. Quality managers (or consultants) are the main actors 
interested in using the process models compliant to the ISO/IEC 15504 standard.In 
order to align business critical activities with the organizations' strategic goals, those 
activities are often defined, analyzed and optimized with business process models. 
Quality managers can assess the performance of the processes, but also identify the 
strength and weaknesses of the assessed processes. An improvement program can be 
designed around the criticality of the different goals of the processes and the 
weaknesses in their fulfillment. 
Compliance Managers (and Regulators). Compliance managers (and regulators) 
are also interested in increasing the quality of the organizations' processes for 
ensuring the compliance to the regulations. This compliance has also an impact on the 
reputation of the financial institutions: they can show their contribution to socio- 
economic quality factors, such as population healthiness and economic stability. 
Because systems (technical, industrial, financial, ...) become too complex, compliance 
managers have difficulties to assess the business processes compliance through the 
analysis of the implementation details of those processes. A goal-oriented description 
of those processes gives the right abstraction level to the compliance manager in order 
to extract the evidences that the processes are compliant to the regulations. 
IT Managers. The most important information that must be gathered before the 
beginning of an IT project and before the Requirements Engineering activity of the IT 
project 1s the description of the business processes that will be impacted by the new 
IT System. The Business Process Manager can provide the goal-oriented description 
of those processes. When the IT Manager has to assess the opportunity of buying a 
product or service from a solution provider, he can quickly evaluate the contribution 
of the product or service to the business process goals. 


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