Volltext: IT & Finance

Business Processes and Strategic Business Goals. The ISO/IEC 15504 standard 
stresses the importance of the business units where the process models will be used 
(for assessment or improvement). Although compliant process models must be 
independent of any specific strategic business goals and current practices 
implemented in business processes, those process models must be adequate for all 
business units that would be interested in using those process models for an 
Bus : business impact of aff (rase) Bus : problem 
incidents reduced (rase) trends identified 
Purp.1 : Risk losses mitigated and controlled 
Ut Purp.a : incidents managed Purp.b : problems 
. managed 
Purp.2 : risks assessed 
Ameen of EE uu ^ Outcomes of Purp.a 
| | incident — 
risk (risk profile defined ) defined actions performed 
| incidents tracked 
loss exposure awareness established and recorded 
risk assessment 
j validated 
Irmpl. : risk 
Impl. : risks mapped risk 
onto processes 
Impl. : 
compared to 
external data 
to internal 
loss experience 
Impl. : risks indicators defined 
Abb.2. The organizational unit strategic business goals and current practices (i.e. 
organizational unit's business processes) are related to the process model elements. 
(Usually, a number of small diagrams are drawn, where missing links can be spotted 
The Figure 2 illustrates the fact that elements of process reference models should 
refine business goals and that current practices should relates to elements of process 
models. The four levels: strategic business goals, purposes and outcomes (used in 
process assessment model), indicators (used in process reference model), and 
organizational units’ business processes (specific implementations of processes). The 
relationships between two cases studies are shown in goal refinements. Purposes 1 
and 2 (left side) belong to the operational risk management model [7] and purposes a 
and b (right side) belong to service management model [6]. The main relationship is 
the clear contribution of the service management to improve the operational risk 


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