Volltext: The Transport Protocol of the Alpine Convention: Added Value to the Transport Policy of the European Community?

envisaged tougher restrictions on the most polluting lorries." 150 Additionally, the 
Council wishes to abolish the limitation of the total number of transit journeys 151 . It 
remains to be seen what the conciliation procedure between the Council and the 
European Parliament will bring about. However, one principle already seems to be 
clear: As Commissioner de Loyola, in charge of the Transport policy, stated recently, 
the future system for infrastructure pricing will continue to treat the Alps differently 
from the rest of the Community 152 . 
4.3.4. The whole Alpine arc as one 'sensitive area' 
As already mentioned 153 , the Alpine Convention finally provides a legally binding 
definition of what can be called the Alpine arc. This definition is of special importance 
in the ongoing discussion on the new regulation on a European infrastructure pricing 
system and the recognition of 'sensitive areas'. This definition is given by the Alpine 
Convention, which, unlike the Transport Protocol, is already ratified by the Community. 
In these discussions, two positions concerning the recognition of sensitive areas can be 
defined. On the one hand, the Commission seems to be ready to recognize some transit 
corridors through the Alps as sensitive areas. This would allow for special regimes, such 
as levying additional tolls and increased cross-financing in favour of rail transport 154 . 
On the other hand, the Austrian government and several authors have demanded for 
years that the whole Alpine arc as defined by the Alpine Convention be treated as one 
single sensitive area 155 . This would be the only way to avoid detour traffic resulting 
from different regimes applicable to the different transit routes. 
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151 See supra, note 146. For further details, see the following documents: 
- Report of the European Parliament's Committee on Regional Policy. Transport and Tourism on the 
ecopoint system from 28 January 2003. A5-0019/2003 final, which has been approved by the European 
Parliament on 12 February 2003; 
- Press release regarding the Council meeting of 27/28 march 2003. available at: http://europa.eu.int 
152 See supra, note 95. 
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