Volltext: The Transport Protocol of the Alpine Convention: Added Value to the Transport Policy of the European Community?

from the Alpine Convention. Since 1999, the Commission of the European Community 
has not attended the Standing Committee meetings. Nor did it attend the Alpine 
Conference in autumn 2000 68 . The Commission gives two reasons for the Community's 
lack of participation: First, it invokes "budgetary and human resource limitations" 69 , 
second, it considers that this "has to be seen together with the fact that the subsidiarity 
principle plays a major role as far as the implementation of the Alpine Convention and 
its Protocols is concerned. In fact, in a regional context, action by national and local 
governments can be more effective than action at Community level." 70 
Following more recent developments, the Commission wants to contribute again more 
actively to the Alpine Convention process. Thus, a Commission representative was 
again present at the last Alpine Conference in autumn 2002 71 . It remains to be seen 
whether this new approach will have any influence on the pending ratification process 
regarding the Transport Protocol. However, Germany, currently chairing the Alpine 
Convention, holds the signature and the ratification of the Transport Protocol by all 
contracting parties, especially by the Community, as one of the main objectives of its 
presidency until November 2004 72 . 
Recently, the European Parliament took position in this field, too, and pointed out very 
clearly that the "early ratification [of the Transport Protocol] by the European Union is 
desirable." 73 
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des EU-Umweltbiiros 11. 
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70 Answer given by Commissioner Margot Wallstrom on 3 September 2001 regarding the written 
parliamentary questions E-1951/01 and E-1952/01 submitted by Johannes Swoboda on 3 July 2001. OJ C 
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71 See supra, note 38. 
72 Agenda 2003-2004 of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention, available at: http://www.alp 
media, net/pdf/1 Opunkte_alpenkonvention_d.pdf. 
73 See supra, note 20. p.13.


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