Volltext: The Transport Protocol of the Alpine Convention: Added Value to the Transport Policy of the European Community?

3.3. The ratification process 
Currently, the ratification process of the Transport Protocol is still going on. Up to now, 
different countries have reached different stages and, as in the case of a bicycle race 
across the Alps, we can distinguish between the tearaway leaders, the field and the tail 
3.3.1. The tearaway leaders 
As already mentioned above, eight out of nine contracting parties have signed, and three 
of them have even ratified the Transport Protocol. Like in the case of the Alpine 
Convention, these countries are Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein, which all ratified 
the Protocol during the International Year of Mountains 2002. For these leading 
countries, the Transport Protocol entered into force on 18 December 2002 54 . 
3.3.2. The field 
The remaining 5 contracting parties, which have already signed the Transport Protocol, 
are currently somewhere in the middle of the ratification process. 
On 23 April 2003, the French Government has submitted a proposition to ratify all 
remaining Protocols, including the Transport Protocol. It is expected, that the 
Parliament will decide within the year 2003 55 . 
In Italy, the Chamber of Deputies approved the Transport Protocol with a large majority 
of 363 out of 369 voting deputies at its session of 19 November 2002 56 . Now, the file 
has to be dealt by the Senate. 
54 See supra. note 40. 
55 "Alpenkonventionsprotokolle in Frankreich auf der Zielgeraden". (2003) 15 alpMediaNews 4. 
56 Resoconto stenografico dell Assemblea. Seduta n. 225 del 19/11/2002, p.30.


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