Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

(2) Without prejudice to the foregoing, in respect of the National Library, the Deputy Librarian 
National Library shall: 
(a) manage and conserve its national collections for present and future generations and ensure 
their accessibility to researchers; 
(b) continue to acquire, assemble and conserve documents, publications, records, works, 
whether electronic or not, published in Malta, or by Maltese authors, or about Malta, or in the 
Maltese language, or about any aspect of Maltese studies by any author, wherever they are 
(c) acquire, assemble and conserve manuscripts and other unpublished material on any subject 
by Maltese authors, or on any aspect of Maltese studies by any author; 
(d) organise the collections in such a way as to make them easily accessible to researchers and 
provide these with the necessary facilities within the limits of the resources available; 
(e) continue to develop, within the National Library, a National Bibliographic Centre that will 
maintain the Malta National Bibliography; 
(f) make its collections known by organising exhibitions and other promotional events; and 
(g) work closely with the National Archivist such that users of both institutions can easily 
access each other’s collections for users’ greater benefit. 
(3) In respect of the other libraries, the Deputy Librarian Public Libraries shall: 
(a) maintain a network of the libraries listed in the Schedule; 
(b) involve and advise the Regional and Local Councils in the administration of regional and 
branch libraries according to the standards of best practice regulating such libraries; 
(c) provide access to all library reference and lending services to foster and strengthen the 
reading habits of all age groups; 
(d) support individual formal and non-formal education and literacy activities and programmes 
at all levels and for all age groups; 
(e) promote opportunities for personal creative development and for awareness and appreciation 
of cultural heritage, literature, scientific achievements and innovations; 
(f) provide information services to individuals, local enterprises, and associations; 
(g) provide professional advice, guidance and assistance on the establishment and management 
of libraries and on the training of library and information professionals; 
(h) inspect the libraries and establish and ensure compliance with standards for their 
management to actively promote the improvement of such standards; 
(1) ensure the arrangement and description of the holdings of the libraries and provide 
appropriate finding aids to facilitate access to them; 
(j) give advice to users on the use of the libraries; and 
(k) make the holdings and services of the Libraries known by organising exhibitions and other 
promotional activities and events. 
8. (1) No document, publication, record, work or object, preserved in the National Library or in 
the Gozo Public Library, may, without the written permission of the National Librarian, be 
taken out from the premises of the said libraries. Every permission granted by the National 


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