Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

3. The provisions of this Act shall be without prejudice to the functions of the Principal 
Permanent Secretary under the Public Administration Act and to his powers to issue directives 
and guidelines with respect to government agencies. 
4. (1) There shall be a body, to be known as the Malta Libraries under the responsibility of the 
National Librarian, the functions of which are assigned by this Act or by any other law. The 
mission of the Malta Libraries is to ensure the collection and conservation of Malta's 
documentary heritage for present and future generations, to maintain and develop the libraries 
regulated under this Act, end to encourage reading for study, research, self-development and 
lifelong-learning information and leisure purposes. 
(2) The Malta Libraries shall be a body corporate having a distinct legal personality and shall be 
capable, subject to the provisions of this Act, of entering into contracts, of acquiring, holding 
and disposing of any property for the purpose of its functions, of suing and being sued, and of 
doing all such things and entering into all such transactions as are incidental or conducive to the 
exercise or performance of its functions under this Act. 
(3) This Act shall apply to any library listed in the Schedule. 
(4) The Malta Libraries shall assume the legal personality previously vested in the Libraries 
Department and, from the entry into force of this Act, shall assume responsibility for all assets, 
liabilities and obligations previously entered into by the said Department or by other bodies on 
their behalf. 
5. The functions and responsibilities of the Malta Libraries shall be: 
(a) to continue to acquire, assemble, conserve for posterity, and make accessible to the public, 
the collection of the nation's documentary heritage and published current output, regardless of 
form or medium, to be found in the libraries; 
(b) to manage, administer, and develop the libraries under its control, and to provide leadership 
to other libraries in Malta in such areas as management and conservation of library materials, 
and to promote4 [CAP. 511. MALTA LIBRARIES national cooperation schemes and the 
professional training of librarians and information professionals; 
(c) to assist Local Councils which run a public library to ensure that the library maintains high 
(d) to enhance the quality of life of the public by providing library reference and lending 
services and library material, in whatever form or medium, for education, self-development, 
lifelong learning and recreation purposes; 
(e) to foster and strengthen reading habits and support literacy and other cultural activities and 
programmes for all age groups; 
(f) to accept and acquire private records of significance by gift, purchase, bequest or deposit; 
(g) explore innovative services, including information, communication and technology services, 
that can benefit patrons in accessing and using information; 
(h) serve as the role model library system for other libraries in Malta; and 


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