Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

Increase new members to reach 3,400 members 
o Reference Library 
Maintain a good reference service which will increase usage by 2096 
over the previous years. 
Profiling of customers' information needs 
Provide customised and readymade information to facilitate 
information retrieval 
Act as information mentors to clients - assist them in their research 
and promote information literacy 
Evaluating and updating the collection to meet client's needs as well 
as introducing new subject areas which may trigger an unrecognised 
information need. 
o Special Needs Library 
Maintenance of the special needs collection and equipment 
Evaluate and update services according to changing needs and 
technological advances — (provisional expense of €10,000) 
e Alternative funding: 
o Second-hand book shop 
Aiming for an annual income of €1,200 
O Activities 
Target for an annual income of €1,500 
o Courses 
Aiming for an annual revenue of €2,000 
e Reading Garden 
e Child Care Centre 
e Penthouse Restaurant and Activity rooms 
o Requirements — 
Projects Manager (Scale 6 — €26,000) 
Architect and Engineer services 
Exploring EU Funds 
Estimate overall expense of €500,000 


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