Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

e Revamping the Adult collection: 
=» Weeding 
* Introduction of new subject areas and different media to meet 
clients needs — such as ebooks, dvds and cds 
> Requirements — increase the Book Fund by €50,000 
" Increase circulation to reach 163,000 loans 
" Increase new members to reach 2,200 members 
Refurbishment of Common Areas and Activity Room 
e Corridors and offices 
* Including security and paint jobs (estimate of €60,000) 
e Transforming ex-Melitensia Area into an activity room 
= Requirements 
> Paint job 
> WIFI Area 
> Seating facilities 
e Provide services which can generate funds such as information 
literacy courses and book fairs. This can be done through 
collaboration agreements with other entities to reduce costs. 
e Adult Activities on a monthly basis 
= Requirements 
» €50 monthly allowance for supplies and/or 
> Projector and Screen — €1,000 
e Establishing a second-hand book shop 
=  Redecorating the book store to serve as a second-hand 
book shop — paint job and shelves 
Purchase of Van to: — (estimate €25,000) 
e Increase outreach services such as inter-library loans and 
e Ship material for cataloguing 
e Distribute catalogued material, stationery and other 
requirements to regional and branch libraries 
Updating the Junior Library 
e Maintaining children's activities on a weekly basis 


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