Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

Anhang V - Malta : Ziele145 
Short-term Strategies till end of 2014 
e Support to Regional and Branch libraries: 
o Acquisitions to be centralised and carried out collectively to: 
e Improve accounts management 
e Facilitate cataloguing 
o Centralised Cataloguing and classification system 
e Establishing a new Cataloguing Unit to: 
" Ensure consistency in classification and cataloguing standards 
which eventually facilitate retrieval 
= Enhance the library catalogue 
* Smoothly migrate metadata to the new library system 
e Reference library 
o Linking libraries by function to facilitate access 
e Combining the Reference library with the former Melitensia library, 
since they both serve the same function — closed access 
e Establishing ways to calculate and evaluate usage — 
=" keeping a user’s log 
=" creating users’ profiles 
e Incorporating the WIFI area in the Reference library 
e Incorporating the Audiovisual collection in the Reference library 
e Lending services: 
o Introducing reservation and overdue fees 
e Postage costs increased from €0.19 each to €0.26 each and 
consequently the average weekly cost for stamps is €39 excluding 
paper and printing. 
o Refurbishment of the Adult Library 
e Tiles, paint job, electricity and shelves - (estimate of €190,000) 
=" To abide by health and safety regulations 
" Provide a better service and attract more visitors 
145 Falzon, Cheryl (E-Mail, 07.08.2014). 


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