Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

25. (1) The National Librarian shall cause to be kept proper books of account and other records 
in respect of the operations of the Malta Libraries and shall cause to be prepared a statement of 
accounts in respect of each financial year. 
(2) The accounts of the Malta Libraries shall be audited by an auditor or auditors to be 
appointed by it and approved by the Minister: 
Provided that the Minister responsible for finance may require the books and other records of 
the Malta Libraries to be audited or examined by the Auditor General who shall for this purpose 
have power to carry out such physical checking and other verification, and may require such 
information, as the Auditor General may deem necessary. 
(3) After the end of each financial year, at the same time as a copy of the estimates of the Malta 
Libraries is forwarded to the Minister under article 23, the National Librarian shall cause a copy 
of the statement of accounts duly audited to be transmitted to the Minister and to the Minister 
responsible for finance together with a copy of any report made by the auditor or auditors on 
that statement or on the accounts of the Malta Libraries. 
(4) The Minister shall cause a copy of every such statement and report to be laid before the 
26. (1) All monies accruing to the Malta Libraries shall be paid into a bank or banks appointed 
as bankers by it. Such moneys shall, as far as practicable, be paid into the banks from day to 
day, except for such sum as the Malta Libraries may require to retain to meet petty 
disbursements and immediate payments. 
(2) All payments out of the funds of the Malta Libraries, except petty disbursements not 
exceeding such sum as may be fixed by the National Librarian with the approval of the 
Minister, shall be made by such officer or officers of the Malta Libraries as shall be appointed 
or designated for the purpose. 
(3) Cheques against and withdrawals from any bank account of the Malta Libraries shall be 
signed by such officer of the Malta Libraries as may be appointed or designated by the National 
Librarian for that purpose and shall be countersigned by the authorised member or officer of the 
Malta Libraries as may be authorised by the National Librarian for that purpose. 
(4) The National Librarian shall also make provision with respect to - 
(a) the manner in which, and the officer or officers by whom, payments are to be authorised or 
(b) the title of any account held with the bank or banks into which its monies are to be paid, and 
the transfer of funds from one account into another; 
(c) the method to be adopted in making payments out of its fund; 
(d) generally with respect to any matter which is relevant to the proper keeping and control of 
the accounts, books and other records and the control of its finances. 
27. The Malta Libraries shall not, except with the approval of the Minister granted after 
consultation with the Minister responsible for finance, award or enter into any contract for the 
supply of goods or materials or for the execution of work or for the rendering of services, to or 
for the benefit of the Malta Libraries, which is estimated by the National Librarian to involve an 
expenditure exceeding seven thousand euro (€7,000) or such other amount as the Minister 
responsible for Finance may authorise, except after notice of its intention to enter into such 
contract has been published and competitive tenders have been issued: 


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