Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

gratuities earned by an officer who has accepted permanent employment with it as aforesaid 
during the period commencing on the date of such officer's acceptance. 
(6) (a) For the purposes of this article the posts and salary grades with the Malta Libraries shall 
be classified in the most nearly corresponding grades and incremental levels in the service under 
the Government of Malta by reference to job description, skills, responsibilities and other 
analogous factors. 
(b) The classification referred to in paragraph (a) shall be carried out by a board composed of a 
chairperson appointed by the Minister responsible for finance and two other members, one 
appointed by the Ministry responsible centrally for personnel policies in the public service and 
one appointed by the National Librarian. The classification shall be subject to the final approval 
of the Minister responsible for finance. 
(c) Such classification shall take place within three months of any adjustment of salaries of 
employees in the Government service or of employees of the Malta Libraries. 
(d) No post shall be classified in a grade higher than that of grade 3 in the service of the 
Government or such other grade that the Minister responsible for finance may from time to time 
by notice in the Gazette determine. 
(e) Without prejudice to the provisions of article 113 of the Constitution, no person may, 
following a classification as aforesaid, be entitled to rights under the said Pensions Ordinance 
less favourable than those to which that person would have been entitled prior to such 
20. (1) Without prejudice to the following provisions of this article, the Malta Libraries shall so 
conduct its affairs that every effort shall be made to meet as much as possible of the expenditure 
required for the proper performance of its functions out of its revenues. 
(2) For such purpose the National Librarian shall levy such fees, rates and other payments 
prescribed or deemed to be prescribed by or under this Act or any other law. 
(3) The Malta Libraries shall be paid by Government out of the Consolidated Fund such sums as 
the House may from time to time authorise to be appropriated to meet the costs of specified 
works to be continued or otherwise carried out by the Malta Libraries, being works of 
infrastructure or a similar capital nature, or to meet any of its expenditure which it cannot meet 
out of its own revenue. 
(4) Any revenue shall, subject to such directives as the Minister, after consultation with the 
Minister responsible for finance, may from time to time give, be applied to the Malta Libraries 
for its purposes, and without prejudice to the generality of the powers given by the Minister by 
this subarticle, any direction given by the Minister as aforesaid may order the transfer to the 
Government, or the application in such manner as may be specified in the direction, of any part 
of the fees rates and other payments levied in accordance with subarticle (2). 
(5) The Malta Libraries shall be governed by the provisions of the Financial Administration and 
Audit Act, unless otherwise stated in the Malta Libraries performance agreement entered into by 
the Permanent Secretary and the Malta Libraries in terms of article 13(1)(b), in which case the 
provisions of the said performance agreement shall prevail. 


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