Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

11. The National Librarian shall have the right to authorise the downloading, copying and 
storing, of any electronic document published via networks or otherwise available online, 
falling within the jurisdiction of Malta, and to deposit it with the depository libraries, for the 
purpose of public access within the premises of the libraries, and for the preservation of the 
national published output which is deemed necessary for long-term national memory and future 
12. (1) In case of the sale of any document, publication, record or work, which in the opinion of 
the Minister, following consultation with the Council and the National Librarian, has 
bibliographical or historical importance, the Government shall have the right of acquiring the 
same in preference to all other persons on equal conditions. 
(2) Such right of preference shall be exercised by the National Librarian by means of a judicial 
act served on the purchaser within two months from the date on which the vendor or the 
purchaser gives notice to the Minister, by means of a judicial act or a registered letter, of the 
sale indicating the name and address of the purchaser and the conditions of the sale, or, if no 
such notice is given, within six months on which it shall come to the knowledge of the Minister 
that a sale has been effected. 
(3) Any person who is responsible for any act or omission having the effect of frustrating the 
exercise of the right of preference appertaining to the Government under this article shall be 
guilty of an offence under this Act and shall be liable for the penalties contemplated in this Act. 
13. (1) In the exercise of his functions under this Act, the National Librarian shall: 
(a) give effect, as soon as practicable, to any direction, not inconsistent with any provision of 
this Act which the Minister may give to him, in relation to the policy to be followed by him in 
the discharge of his functions, and in relation to any matter which appears to the Minister to 
affect the Malta Libraries and its libraries; 
(b) ensure that operations of the Malta Libraries shall follow a performance agreement which is 
to be agreed to between the Permanent Secretary and the Malta Libraries and for this purpose 
article 40 of the Public Administration Act shall mutatis mutandis apply; 
(c) afford to the Minister facilities for obtaining any information with respect to the property 
and activities of the Malta Libraries, and for this purpose the National Librarian shall furnish the 
Minister with returns, accounts and other information with respect thereto, and shall afford to 
him facilities for the verification of any information furnished, in such manner and at such times 
as the Minister may reasonably require. 
(2) Save as otherwise provided in this or any other Act, or regulations administered by the Malta 
Libraries, the Malta Libraries shall be under the general direction of the Minister and, subject to 
such direction, under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary responsible for the Ministry. 
(3) The Minister may, in relation to matters that appear to him to affect the public interest, from 
time to time give to the Malta Libraries directions in writing of a general character not 
inconsistent with the provisions of this or any other Act, or regulations administered by the 
Malta Libraries, on the policy to be followed by the Malta Libraries in the carrying out of its 
functions, by or under this Act, and the Malta Libraries shall, as soon as possible, give effect to 
all such directions. 
(4) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, or any other Act or regulations administered by the 
Malta Libraries, article 38 of the Public Administration Act shall mutatis mutandis apply. 


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