Volltext: Rapport national [Englisch]

3. In which fields of law (civil law, criminal law, public law) does the constitutional 
court refer to the jurisprudence of other European or non-European constitutional 
Once again, the special constellation of Liechtenstein should be pointed out. Due to the large 
number of laws adopted from other countries, there is no special emphasis. In other words, 
the practice of the Austrian Constitutional Court and the Swiss Federal Court takes is taken 
into consideration in civil law (ABGB with the exception of property law and ZPO were 
adopted from Austria), criminal law (StGB and Code of Penal Procedure were adopted from 
Austria), and in matters of social insurance law and law on aliens, which were mostly adopted 
from Switzerland. 
4. Have decisions of the constitutional court noticeably influenced the jurisprudence of 
foreign constitutional courts? 
It should be taken into account that direct interest in Liechtenstein jurisprudence is limited to 
a comparably small number of persons. In such a constellation, the decisions of the State 
Court cannot draw special attention, with the exception of spectacular exceptions. 
However, the State Court takes part in exchanges of information and conferences with other 
constitutional courts (in particular the so-called "Meeting of Six" between the ECJ, the 
ECtHR, the German Federal Constitutional Court, the Austrian Constitutional Court, the 
Swiss Federal Court, and the State Court) and is therefore able to get involved with the 
international discourse. 
5. Are there any forms of cooperation going beyond the mutual acknowledgement of 
court decisions? 
As has been mentioned above, the State Court takes part in exchanges of information with 
other constitutional courts and in addition to that maintains bilateral contacts, particularly with 
the Austrian Constitutional Court and the Swiss Federal Court. In addition to that, members 
of the State Court also take part in relevant information events organised e.g. by the EFTA 


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