Volltext: Rapport national [Englisch]

case in question because the forfeiture provisions of the Liechtenstein Code of Penal 
Procedure differed from those in the case referred to. 
It is the opinion of the State Court that the increasingly differentiated view of the ECtHR 
concerning the control of discretional powers of administrative authorities is an example of 
the consideration (if not explicitly declared) of the practice of national constitutional courts. 
While the ECtHR considered the non-existence of cognisance of the Austrian Administrative 
Court of Justice with regard to discretionary powers of administrative authorities to be a 
violation of Art. 6 ECHR ^, it later moved to a much more differentiated view. ? The 
ECtHR now points out that the judicial control of administrative decisions is limited in many 
Member States of the Council of Europe and uses a number of criteria that must apply to 
speak of sufficient cognisance. 
II. Interactions between constitutional courts 
l. Does the constitutional court in its decisions refer to the jurisprudence of other 
European or non-European constitutional courts? 
Such reference happens very frequently "^", but one must take into account the special 
constellation of Liechtenstein: for example, part of the Act Concerning the State Court 
(Staatsgerichtshofgesetz, SXGHG) is based on the Austrian Verfassungsgerichtshofgesetz (Act 
Concerning the Constitutional Court). The question of the review of rules is regulated in a 
similar way to Austria, too. 
For this reason, the State Court orients itself also at the jurisprudence of the Austrian 
Constitutional Court, for example in questions of the precedent character of a rule and the 
admissibility of an individual application for the review of rules!?, 
19^ 28 Jun 1990, 6/1989/166/222. Cf. also the comments of Mark Villiger, Handbuch der Europáischen 
Menschenrechtskonvention (EMRK), 2"* ed, (1999), p. 271, margin no. 427. 
195 See for example the case Sigma Radio Television v. Cyprus of 21 Jul 2011, 32181/04 and others; in this 
context also Grabenwarter/Pabel, Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention, p. 400, margin no. 29. Also 
confirming, Siegbert Morscher, Art. 6 MRK voll implementiert, Juristische Blátter 2012/11, p. 681 et sqq. (p. 
1% ECtHR Sigma Radio Television v. Cyprus, 21 Jul 2011, 32181/04. 
See also Bussjáger, Beschwerde, p. 860. 
Cf. StGH 2012/75, www.gerichtsentscheide.li, cons. 4.1. 
Cf. StGH 2009/71, cons. 1. 


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