Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
Apart from the obvious suffix of ‘.uk’, this may include any new generic top 
level domain names created in the future which are linked to a place within the 
UK (e.g. .wales)" * (section 6.9), p. 18. 
Ihe Joint Committee on Legal Deposit7 (JCLD) have agreed guidelines on the 
process for determining whether material without generic top level domain 
names linked to a place within the UK are within scope of the regulations. This 
is reflected in the information provided on legal deposit on the British Library 
(and other legal deposit libraries") websites" * (section 6.10), p. 19. 
Ihe Department expects, however, the deposit libraries to have in place clear 
management structures and policies to support how they will operate the regula- 
tions" * (section 13.1), p. 29. 
,Artistic works such as photographs or reproduced graphic work (e.g. paintings) 
are within scope 1f they are made available to the public either on line or off 
line-The Department does not envisage that legal deposit libraries will try to 
capture all published non-print artistic works. As a broad summary, the Depart- 
ment expects the collections policy of the legal deposit libraries to prioritise on 
line works which are similar to printed art books" *(section 6.5 and section 6,6), 
p. 18. 
,Any audio or video resources discovered as part of the crawl will be archived 
if discovered” http://www. llgc.org.uk/index.php?id=6194 [27.10.2013]. 
“The 2013 Regulations define how relevant material must be “connected to the 
UK". The Joint Committee on Legal Deposit has agreed how the Legal Deposit 
Libraries will interpret and implement these Regulations" 
http://www.llgc.org.uk/index.php?id-6194 [27.10.2013]. 
,curators from the six libraries have drawn up a list of the 100 websites they 
believe will be essential for the researchers of the future. Amongst the websites 
chosen are those of the National Eisteddfod, the Young Farmers Clubs and the 
Peoples Collection Wales" 
http://www llgc.org. uk/index. php?id=6142 [27.10.2013]. 
*Department for Culture, Media & Sport: Guidance on the Legal Deposit Libraries (Non-Print Works). Regulations 2013. London, April 2013. Online at: 
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment data/file/182339/NPLD_Guidance April 2013.pdf [27.10.2013]. 
*** Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003. Online at:http://www legislation. gov.uk/ukpga/2003/28/pdfs/ukpga_20030028_en.pdf [27.10.2013]. 


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