Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
c. | Do you also collect foreign productions dealing about your geograph- x ,,Most of this material relates to Wales but it does include examples of the activ- 
ical area? ities of Welsh people in other countries and in relation to other cultures” 
http://www llgc.org.uk/index.php?id=ethniccollections [27.10.2013]. 
d. | Are only certain formats stored? 
Are formats standardized? 
f. | Is there a minimum length (pages, lines or words) in a text to make it 
g. | How many copies must be deposited? deliver a copy of it to an address specified 
(generally or in a particular case) by any deposit library” ** 1.1 (page 1). 
„Each deposit library other than the British Library Board is entitled to delivery 
under section 1 of a copy of any work published in print which it requests" ** 
5.1 (page 3). 
,,The Bodleian Libraries, Cambridge University Library, the National Library of 
Scotland, the National Library of Wales and the Library of Trinity College 
Dublin are each entitled to delivery, free of charge, of one copy of every publi- 
cation that they request. 
The request must be made in writing (whether sent by electronic or other 
means) no later than 12 months after the day of the work's publication. The 
request may be made before publication and may include all future numbers or 
parts of an encyclopaedia, newspaper, magazine, journal or other work" 
http://www.llgc.org.uk/index.php?id-6189 [27.10.2013]. 
h. | Are readers allowed to borrow the copies? ,,Materials collected through legal deposit, including archived websites, are 
accessible on-site at the Legal Deposit Libraries — usually in the reading room 
facility of each institution. 
A deposited electronic publication may only be displayed at one computer at a 
time on the premises of each Legal Deposit Library, in compliance with the 
2013 Regulations" http://www.llgc.org.uk/index.php?1d-6182 [27.10.2013]. 
,Ihe British Library and other Legal Deposit Libraries are committed to ensur- 
ing that UK-published material that is collected or deposited under legal deposit 
legislation is preserved and made available for researchers to use in the Librar- 
ies’ premises. (...)The Legal Deposit Libraries operate a Notice and Takedown 
policy for specific circumstances in which public access should be withdrawn or 
deposited material should be removed. Valid reasons for withdrawing or remov- 
ing material include, but are not limited to: 
Agreements for embargoing access 
e Court injunctions 


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