Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
„Through Legal Deposit, the Library is entitled to receive a copy of every 
printed map and atlas published in the British Isles. Recent changes to the 
law mean that this will eventually be extended to include electronic map- 
ping as well, including data created in Geographical Information Systems 
The collection also contains a large amount of material deposited with, 
donated to, or purchased by, the Library. This material mainly consists of 
manuscript material, antiquarian printed material, and modern mapping 
published overseas. 
In addition to topographic mapping (maps showing the landscape) the 
Library also collects thematic mapping (for example geological and land- 
use mapping)” 
http://www.llge.org.uk/index.php?id=introduction3 [27.10.2013]. 
Active and 
Only pas- 
Creating a 
Copy in the 
„The National Library has some 15,000 postcards of Welsh interest in the 
National Collection of Welsh Photographs. Most of these are topographical 
and are arranged by county. Other categories include art-drawn cards, hu- 
mour, politics and modern cards” 
http://www.llgc.org.uk/index.php?id=postcards [27.10.2013]. 
Notes, printed musical compositions 
„a sheet of letterpress or music “ ** 1.3.b (page 1). 
examples of the music manuscripts: 
e “an early manuscript that records a St David’s Day Service in 
Penpont Antiphonal 
e the Maria Jane Williams papers - the pioneer in recording folk 
e the collection of John Lloyd Williams papers containing numer- 
ous folk songs. It also includes the manuscript of John Thomas the 
fiddler, which is a rare source of 18th century folk music 
e the papers and compositions of John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwa- 
lia) who was harpist to Queen Victoria. He was mainly responsible 
for turning the people of Wales’ attention from the triple harp to the 
pedal harp and made it into a national icon 
e a collection of manuscripts by famous musicians e.g. the autobi- 
ography of Joseph Parry. There are also manuscripts belonging to 
musicians such as Daniel Jones, William Mathias, Grace Williams 
and David Lloyd, the singer 
e papers from national institutions such as the Welsh National 


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