Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
bots.txt. Website managers are sent a message indicating that, for reasons of national heritage, the KB 
is interested in harvesting the site in question, archiving it and making it accessible. The managers are 
also given a deadline for refusing permission. If a refusal 1s not forthcoming it is regarded as implicit 
or tacit permission” http://www.kb.nl/en/expertise/e-depot-and-digital-preservation/web- 
archiving/legal-aspects [18.10.2013]. 
Ihe KB has decided on a selective approach. This means that a selection of Dutch websites will be 
archived. There are a number of reasons why the KB has chosen this approach. The Netherlands has 
no legal deposit legislation that compels publishers to provide the KB with copies of their products. 
Because of this, websites can only be crawled after permission has been granted by the owner, mak- 
ing it impossible to crawl the complete Dutch domain. In addition, the selective approach is more 
manageable in conjunction with the legal approach that has been chosen. The Dutch domain is also 
extremely large and would be expensive to archive in its entirety. Finally, bulk archiving is not suita- 
ble for the complete archiving of websites" 
http://www kb.nl/en/expertise/e-depot-and-digital-preservation/web-archiving/selection 
For the time being, the KB will base its selection of websites to be archived on the KB's own collec- 
tion policy. Within this framework a well-reasoned selection will be made consisting of a cross sec- 
tion from the Dutch web domain. It should be noted that the Dutch web domain is a broad concept 
that is by no means limited to the .nl domain; it contains all the websites registered 1n the Nether- 
lands. The primary selection will be taken from websites with academic and cultural content, alt- 
hough innovative websites that are examples of current trends in the Dutch portion of the web will 
also be considered. The next step will be to seek collaboration with other knowledge institutes for the 
purpose of broadening the selection, thereby making use of the substantive expertise of these organi- 
sations. Another idea is to give websites owners themselves the opportunity to volunteer their sites 
for archiving" 
http://www kb.nl/en/expertise/e-depot-and-digital-preservation/web-archiving/selection 
*http://picarta.pica.nl/xslt/DB=3.9/LNG=EN/?COOKIE=U105282.KBrinkmanLogin.12.B1003+++++.SY NBrinkman-default-login.D3.9.Eb444ad1e- 
62f.A.H.R89.248.148.167,FY [18.10.2013]. 
Sources used: 
e. http//www.bl.uk/reshelp/findhelpregion/europe/netherlands/koninklijke/koninklijke.html [18.10.2013]. 
http://opc4.kb.nl/DB=1/SET=3/TTL=1/LNG=EN/ [18.10.2013]. 
e. http//www.kb.nl/en/expertise/e-depot-and-digital-preservation/web-archiving/legal-aspects [18.10.2013]. 
e. http//www.kb.nl/en/for-publishers/deposit-a-publication [18.10.2013]. 


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