Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
whole production of literature within your 
geographical area? 
Do your collecting procedures also concern 
authors, who do not live in your geographical 
area, but have your citizenship? 
The Netherlands and the overseas territories controlled by the Dutch Republic: e.g. Suriname, Aruba, 
Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands Antilles and the former South Netherlands (Belgium today) 
http://www kb.nl/sites/default/files/docs/collectieplan2010-2013.pdf page 18 [18.10.2013]. 
Do you also collect foreign productions deal- 
ing about your geographical area? 
http://www kb.nl/sites/default/files/docs/collectieplan2010-2013.pdf page 16 [18.10.2013]. 
Are only certain formats stored? 
Are formats standardized? 
Is there a minimum length (pages, lines or 
words) in a text to make it collectable? 
How many copies must be deposited? 
As one of the few countries in the world without legal deposit regulation, the KB relies on voluntary 
deposit arrangements with publishers, as laid down in an agreement with the Netherlands Publishers 
Association. Publishers are invited to submit one free copy of each publication for inclusion in the 
Deposit Collection” http://www kb.nl/en/for-publishers/deposit-collection [18.10.2013]. 
One Copy of printed books, journals, newspapers [*van ieder publikatie (boek, tijdschrift, krant) één 
exemplar ingeleverd bij de KB"] http://www.kb.nl/sites/default/files/docs/collectieplan2010-2013.pdf 
page 10 [18.10.2013]. 
Ihe KB invites publishers to make one copy of each publication originating in the Netherlands 
available to the Deposit Collection" http://www.kb.nl/en/for-publishers/deposit-a-publication 
Are readers allowed to borrow the copies? 
How many copies are kept in a heritage col- 
lection (cultural treasure protection room) so 
that they cannot be borrowed? 
Ihe KB stores deposit copies as archival copies. This means that they are not available for lending" 
http://www.kb.nl/en/for-publishers/deposit-a-publication [18.10.2013]. 
Do you rebuild reserves (repository library)? 
pthe inclusion of doubles in the collection will be reduced as much as possible: of each publication 
only one copy will be acquired, preferably the digital version" 
http://www.kb.nl/sites/default/files/docs/KBstratPl print.pdf page 10 [18.10.2013]. 
If so, what is your limit of the number of cop- 
ies kept per each publication in the repository 
Do you note bequests 1n the catalogue? 
Herkomst: Collectie Leeflang, bruikleen Letterkundig Museum. 
http://opc4 kb.nl/DB=1/SET=3/TTL=1/LNG=EN/ [18.10.2013]. 
Do you keep bequests in the magazine? 
http://www .kb.nl/en/special-collections [18.10.2013]. 
http://www kb nl/en/special-collections/personal-collections [18.10.2013]. 
Do you catalogue everything you collect so 
that it is visible in the OPAC? 


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