Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
Active and Only pas- Creating a Comments 
passive sive copy in the 
Collection Collection m 
2.1 | Microforms Hardly produced anymore 
2.2 | Vinyl Records x Music *page 4 
2.3 | Magnetic tapes x various kinds on tapes and discs *page 4 
2.4 | VHS video cassettes x various kinds on tapes and discs *page 4 
2.5 | Disks (CD, CD ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray) x various kinds on tapes and discs *page 4 
E books x ,national collection contains almost all published written Icelandic works” 
3.1 http://landsbokasafn.is/index.php/english/the-library/about-the-library 
3.2 | Books-on-demand (web publishing) X Included in the legal deposit 
33 Websites published by organisations X „collect free online material under legal deposit” including domainwide har- 
) vesting in periodic ‘snapshots’ *** page 2 
3.4 | blogs X If included in general web harvesting 
35 Websites: public, shared (e.g. Wikipe- x 
: dia- articles 
3.6 | Newsletters X http://archive.org/details/guvinatienewsletter [13.10.2013 ]. 
Further questions: 
a. | Do your collecting procedures concern the whole production of literature within | x *page 4 
your geographical area? **** Article 7,2 
b. | Do your collecting procedures also concern authors, who do not live in your geo- | x The musician Bjork for example 
graphical area, but have your citizenship? 
c. | Do you also collect foreign productions dealing about your geographical area? x *page 4 
**** Article 7.2 
d. | Are only certain formats stored? x 
e. | Are formats standardized? x Readable - we are not sure how to answer here 
f. | Is there a minimum length (pages, lines or words) in a text to make it collectable? x 
g£. | How many copies must be deposited? ,.In Iceland, four copies of any published, printed, material must be sent to 
the National and University Library of Iceland, three of which will be kept 


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