Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
under other extensions, such as <.com>, <.org> etc. 
- Selective crawls: In order to capture websites which are frequently updated and 
therefore cannot be covered completely by the snapshots, a selection of 80-100 
sites is continuously harvested - from once a month up to six times a day. Selective 
harvesting focuses on three types of web sites: News sites (all national and select- 
ed regional media); Dynamic and frequently visited websites representing the civic 
society, the commercial sector, and public authorities; and finally. Experimental 
and/or unique sites, documenting new ways of using the web (e.g. net art)" Sabine 
Schostag and Eva Fonss-Jorgensen: Webarchiving: Legal Deposit of Internet in 
Denmark. A Curatorial Perspective. In: MDR, Vol. 41, pp. 110-120, December 
2012. Berlin: De Gruyter, DOI 10.1515/mir-2012-0018. Page 110. 
x. | What are your selection criterions for choosing websites that you collect? 
all danish websites 
[ [Danish roughly defined as: OK 
[ ]Websites on the .dk TLD 
[ ]Websites minded on a danish audience / written in danish 
[ ]Websites about danish poeple (Hans Christian Andersen) 
[ ]More or less any site of interest to Denmark **** page 4 
„Suggestions for websites to be selected for frequent harvesting are 
e websites for news media aimed at the Danish public, such as nationwide 
newspapers, major radio- and television companies, the Danish parlia- 
ment (Folketinget), etc. 
e websites representing typical and much used websites 
e websites representing experimental, special or characteristic websites" 
http://www kb.dk/en/kb/service/pligtaflevering-ISSN/pli evering html 
* Annual Report 2001. The Royal Library Denmark. Online at: http://web3.nlib.ee/cenl/docs/annual reports/denmark01-02.pdf [12.10.2013]. 
** Birgit N. Henriksen: Danish Legal Deposit.Experiences & the Need for Adjustments. 
*** The Royal Library Denmark Annual Report 2012. Online at: http://web3.nlib.ee/cenl/docs/annual_reports/Denmark Annual Report _2012.pdf [12.10.2013]. 
*'**Tvan Boserup: Denmark Backgrounds. LIBER Manuscript Librarians Group (11.5.2010). Online at: 
http://liber-manuscripts. kb.nl/sites/liber-manuscripts/files/National Backgrounds Denmark  6.pdf [12.10.2013]. 
**** Bjarne Andersen: The danish national internet archive. Online at: http://iwaw.curoparchive.org/05/andersen.pdf [12.10.2013]. 
**** Hennk Dupont: Legal Deposit in Denmark - the New Law and Electronic Products. Liber Quarterly, 1999. 
Thank you very much! 


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