Volltext: The future importance of tax compliant clients

LDF and Swiss-UK Tax Agreement 
exempt from punishment, the conclusion of further agreements would be desirable but difficult to real- 
"The world is only getting smaller, and it is only a matter of time before taxpayers run out of jurisdic- 
tions," said Jason Collins, partner of McGrigors.?" It is certain the pressure on tax havens and the 
OECD's fight against banking secrecy will continue until “rule-makers” are satisfied.°'“ Liechtenstein 
and Switzerland should continue to move their financial centres towards this new reality in order to 
guarantee favourable positions. 
5.7 The Future of the Financial Centres of Liechtenstein and Switzerland 
The recent developments in Liechtenstein and Switzerland regarding tax issues caused a fear over the 
future of the financial centres. Despite the AAA-Rating of the national finances, high standards of 
financial services, and strength of the Swiss franc, it is expected that Switzerland will lose its attrac- 
tiveness as a financial centre.” Of course, the banks, advisors and trustees must move on and begin to 
operate in a tax compliant world. It is not important whether someone agrees with the development 
and the behaviour of foreign states due to a fact that the development is unstoppable. Power is une- 
qually distributed and the countries with the largest “armoury” will use it to increase the pressure on 
the weaker ones in order to obtain tax information to prosecute tax evaders and companies assisting 
them. Those states have identified that their tax base is being undermined, so it’s natural that they 
would leverage their power to prevent it. 
Some banks, advisors or trustees have identified the change and adapted their philosophy. They were 
astonished at the speed and the extent to which clients are willing to disclose their assets and to pay 
the outstanding tax. They understood that, in the current digital world, the risk of detection has in- 
creased significantly.?' Furthermore, financial centres in Asia have also moved towards a tax compli- 
ant business model. The financial market authority of Singapore has recently strengthened the Frame- 
work for International Tax Cooperation.” Hong Kong has ratified several TIEAs.” Thus the number 
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