Volltext: The future importance of tax compliant clients

LDF and Swiss-UK Tax Agreement 
under investigation in the past are able to participate in the LDF.* HMRC is open to offers from rele- 
vant persons regarding payments by instalments or timing of the sale of assets in order to fund the 
payment of tax payable.** HMRC will not publish names and details of these individuals (no naming 
and shaming).? 
If there is an undisclosed bank account from a UK branch, this account is not eligible for the time pe- 
riod, lower penalties and composite rate.” The person who fulfils the LDF process is not subject to 
criminal investigation unless it is criminal property. However, a person using the LDF has to declare 
the main source of their assets.” In the form provided, the person has the option of ticking a box for 
inheritance, business takings, non-business income and more. If none of these suggested, legal sources 
is correct then “others” must be selected. As Fisher mentions, it is very unlikely that someone will 
willingly declare some kind of organised criminal activity.” HMRC will undertake criminal investiga- 
tion against FIs which do not fulfil their obligations under the taxpayer assistance and compliance 
The low penalties of 10% or 20% are acceptable and a benefit of the LDF. The exclusion of persons 
under investigation is also understandable. The disclaimer for undisclosed bank accounts in UK 
branches is evidence that the UK government distinguishes between foreign FIs ignoring UK law and 
UK companies breaching UK law. Eligible Person 
An eligible person has to provide at least the following information to HMRC during the LDF proce- 
e Name, address and date of birth 
e Passport copy 
e National insurance number 
e Full information and documentation about the circumstances 
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