Volltext: The future importance of tax compliant clients

LDF and Swiss-UK Tax Agreement 
The process of notification is often straightforward; it is shown in Annex B. The identified person 1s 
notified by a letter from the FI. The person then decides to invoke the LDF opportunity or declares 
that he is tax compliant. Tax compliancy is declared with a standardised form sent by the FI together 
with the notification letter. In case of the LDF route, the person should, in his own interest, first con- 
tact the FI to discuss further actions. The 18 month timeframe for notification is chosen fairly and 
enables the British person, the advisor and the FI to prepare for the LDF procedure. Schedule 4: Certification Procedure 
A relevant person will generally apply for disclosure to the address of HMRC." The individual, or his 
advisor, has to contact the LDF helpdesk and provide the following data:'*! 
. Full name 
. Address 
. National Insurance Number (if existent) 
. Unique Tax Reference (if existent) 
. Date of birth 
. Name and address of an FI 
. Name, reference and contact information of the agent (if existent) 
. Confirmation of Relevance (after 1 December 2011) 
The Confirmation of Relevance is a statement issued by the FI to confirm that the relevant person has 
relevant assets in Liechtenstein!” 
. The confirmation was introduced retrospectively with the Third 
Joint Declaration.” The date when the application is received is the reference date to be assured 
against criminal investigation.'* 
After registration, HMRC will send each person an identification number and a registration certificate 
(with acknowledgement, name, and reference number) within 60 days ^. "5Afterwards, HMRC deals 
with this person according to the terms of the LDF.'?' The relevant person has to forward a copy of the 
registration certificate to the FI within 30 days."* The relevant person has to fulfil the obligations with- 
*? Memorandum of Understanding, 2009, schedule 4, no. 1. 
?! HMRC, LDF FAQ, March 2013, sec. 3.1. 
7? Annex E 
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