Volltext: Liechtenstein and the German tax affair:

topic gains further momentum. This also puts Liechtenstein increasing in the focus of 
reporting, and the country is portrayed by the media as isolated and weak. 
This is seen particularly in the reporting on Tuesday morning, /9 February. "A touch of panic 
in Liechtenstein" writes the Börsen-Zeitung (19.2.2008, 8) and "Liechtenstein banks face 
shambles" was the headline in Die Welt (19.2.2008, 15). 
While the Liechtenstein financial center was the focus of reports until now, the press 
conference by the Hereditary Prince and the Deputy Prime Minister on Tuesday, 19 February, 
and the upcoming meeting of Liechtenstein Prime Minister with the German Federal 
Chancellor further enhance the political dimension. The press conference with the Hereditary 
Prince and the Deputy Prime Minister is portrayed as a "counterattack from Vaduz" (FAZ, 20 
February, 1). Catchwords like "Duckburg" and "campaign" are taken up. On this basis, the 
media assess the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Federal Chancellor in advance 
as a "frosty reception" (Handelsblatt, 20 February, 4). The Principality as a whole 
increasingly becomes a plaything of the media. 
Questions on the Principality's willingness to cooperate and the possibilities for the Federal 
Chancellor to exert pressure on Liechtenstein are discussed controversially the middle of the 
week, while the "tax morality debate" and the "Heinrich Kieber" theme increasingly fade into 
the background. 
The visit of Prime Minister Hasler in Berlin on Wednesday, 20 February, is called 
"diplomatically civilized". The previous afternoon, the agencies unanimously referred to the 
talks as "constructive". The appearances of the Prime Minister in the news programs of ARD 
and ZDF on Wednesday evening, 20 February, contribute to a more objective tone. 
The demands of the Federal Chancellor are clearly communicated ("Merkel puts 
Liechtenstein under pressure", Handelsblatt, 21.2., 1 or "Merkel demands transparency 
agreement", FAZ, 21.2., 1). The international coverage increases. Especially the expansion of 
the issue to Switzerland and Austria contributes to this. A subordinate issue in the German- 
speaking media continues to be the question of legality of the acquisition of the data by the 
BND, however. 
Liechtenstein's cooperation in the European context and its relations with Germany continue 
to be discussed. On Friday, 22 February, FAZ prints an interview conducted with Prime 
Minister Hasler. The speech by the Hereditary Prince at the opening of Parliament the day 
before, 21.2, is also reported on. 
On Friday afternoon, 22.2, the news agencies disseminate the comment by Pierre Mirabaud, 
President of the Swiss Bankers Association, that the approach by the German investigating 
authorities reminds him of the "Gestapo". He subsequently takes back this comment, 
In the coming days, the focus is on expansion of the "tax affair" to other countries as well as 
the general topic of "tax havens". On Saturday, 23 February, Die Welt reported that "Andorra 
and Monaco are also in the pillory" (p. 11). Bild in turn reports that members of the German 
Parliament can also be found on the stolen CD. At the same time, the expectations of the 


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