Volltext: Liechtenstein and the German tax affair:

Liechtenstein, had begun visiting the editorial offices of the supraregional German media 
relatively quickly and was consistently continuing these visits the beginning of 2008. 
SIL planned a strongly visible presence in 2008 with a Liechtenstein pavilion at the two 
EURO 08 venues of Vienna and Basel. 
Liechtenstein Tourism planned to participate in the world's largest tourism fair ITB in Berlin 
for the first time in March 2008. 
Communication of topics concerning the Liechtenstein business location was to continue in 
the same way on an ongoing basis, including talks with foreign correspondents in Zurich and 
invitations of journalists to Liechtenstein to convey a realistic picture of the country. As 
always, however, it was difficult to bring media representatives to Liechtenstein without a 
special occasion. This was to change to an unforeseen extent in the near future. 
5.3 Phase 2 "The Zumwinkel affair" (14.2. — 17.2.2008) 
5.3.1 Overview of events 
The head of Deutsche Post, Klaus Zumwinkel, is arrested at his house on 14 February 2008 at 
7 a.m. on live television by officers of the Bochum public prosecutor's office. Officers search 
the house for tax documents. The German media immediately report on the arrest. It is 
announced that the Bochum public prosecutor's office has a CD-ROM in its possession with 
data of German clients of a Liechtenstein bank. Zumwinkel is the first prominent "victim". 
In the late morning of 14 February, the FUTURO project, which was developed over 12 
months of work, is publically presented in Vaduz. The FUTURO project defines the future 
strategic guidelines for the Liechtenstein business and financial location. The announcement 
is lost in the maelstrom of the affair. 
On Friday, 15 February 2008, all major German media report on the arrest, the data theft, and 
the use of the data by the public prosecutor. Online media race to get details out on an hourly 
At this time, the communication department only has information gained from the media. 
Over the course of the day, it becomes apparent that this is a major crisis. Prime Minister 
Otmar Hasler calls a crisis meeting for the morning of the next day. First official statements 
by the Government Spokesperson on ARD and ZDF television. 
On Sunday, 17 February 2008, all German-speaking Sunday media report on the Zumwinkel 
affair, the data theft from LGT, and the use of the data by the German authorities. 
In practically all German media, the "greatest financial scandal in history" in the number 1 
topic. In Austria and Switzerland, the events surrounding the tax evasion of German 
millionaires is also followed with great interest in the media. International media also begin to 
show an interest in the topic. A decline of international media interest in the coming days is 
not to be expected. 


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