Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

generally, fewer sources of income. Take Luxembourg, for instance, which is internationally negligible when judged by its national income but which has a very important impact when it comes to financial servi- ces. The same arguments apply to Liechtenstein and its trust compa- nies.11 Bearing in mind those caveats, Table 2.3 should be viewed as a des - criptive approach to highlight possible correspondences with Tables 2.1 and 2.2. It contains real GNP figures for 50 countries (in purchasing po- wer parity (PPP) $ US). It is not very helpful to directly compare the countries listed in Table 2.3 with those in Tables 2.1 and 2.2, because data on GNP are 24Smallness 
of countries: concepts and definitions 11See Chapter 5 for details on the issue of specialization in small countries and the be- nefits of law-making 
Table 2.3: Smallest countries in the world (national income < US $ 10 billion (real, in PPP)) Countrybill. US $Countrybill. US $Countrybill. US $ Source: Baratta (1999); figures for 1997, some are estimates. Countries that appear in all three tables (2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) are in 
Dominica0.30 St. Kitts and Nevis0.32 St. Vincent a. t. Gren.0.45 Grenada0.46 Antigua and Barbuda0.57 Vanuatu0.57 Samoa0.62 Comoros0.79 St. Lucia0.80 Maldives0.86 Salomon Islands0.91 Belize0.94 Cap Verde1.18 Gambia1.70 Sierra Leone1.95 Guyana2.37 Fiji3.15Congo. 
Rep.3.49 Swaziland3.54 Mongolia3.79 Eritrea3.92 Burundi3.99 Mauritania4.06 Central African Rep.4.48 Lesotho5.01 Malta5.02 Rwanda5.13 Moldavia6.25 Laos6.30 Togo6.34 Macedonia6.35 Turkmenistan6.57 Chad6.80 Malawi7.19Albania7.21 
Benin7.30 Mali7.41 Estonia7.42 Gabon7.56 Niger8.13 Namibia8.28 Trinidad and Tobago8.44 Jamaica8.50 Nicaragua8.51 Zambia8.59 Tajikistan8.82 Haiti9.44 Angola9.56 Armenia9.62 Latvia9.79


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