Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

ductiveness of the waters within the zone. Many small island countries have, indeed, announced the establishment of an EEZ even though, EEZ have often been the subjects of disputes between countries. The rights of a state over its EEZ, although not equivalent to terri- torial rights in international law, are so extensive that the EEZ may be considered a part of the state that has sovereignty over it. (Olafs - son, 1998, p. 38) Third, it cannot be denied that the regional distribution of the popula - tion plays an important role in the determination of what we might call 22Smallness 
of countries: concepts and definitions Table 2.2: Smallest countries in the world (area < 50,000 km2) Countrykm2Countrykm2Countrykm2 Source: Baratta (1999); figures for 1997. Countries that appear in both tables (2.1 and 2.2) are in 
Vatican City0,44 Monaco1,95 Nauru21 Tuvalu26 San Marino61 Liechtenstein160 Marshall Islands181 St. Kitts a. Nevis262 Maldives298 Malta316 Grenada345 St. Vincent a. t. Gren.389 Barbados430 Antigua and Barbuda442 Seychelles454 Andorra468 Palau508 St. Lucia616 Singapore648 Micronesia700 Bahrain707 Tonga748 Domenica751Kiribati811 
Sao Tome a. Principe1001 Comoros1862 Mauritius2040 Luxembourg2586 Samoa2831 Cap Verde4033 Trinidad a. Tobago5128 Brunei5765 Cyprus9251 Lebanon10452 Jamaica10991 Gambia11295 Qatar11437 Vanuatu12190 Bahamas13939 Swaziland17363 Kuwait17818 Fiji18376 Slovenia20253 El Salvador21041 Israel22145 Belize22965 Djibouti23200Macedonia25713 
Rwanda26338 Salomon Island27556 Haiti27750 Burundi27834 Equatorial Guinea28051 Albania28748 Armenia29800 Lesotho30355 Belgium30528 Moldavia33800 China, Rep. (Taiwan)36006 Guinea-Bissau36125 Switzerland41285 Netherlands41526 Denmark43094 Estonia45227 Bhutan46500 Dominican Republic48422 Slovak Republic49034


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