Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

We did not find comprehensive outsourcing for those public goods, for which we presupposed that international outsourcing is implausible. It is however noteworthy that one general impression also holds for these public goods. Whenever possible, VSC «tailor» the public goods provided to the size of the country. There are fewer members of parlia- ment or fewer ministers on average in VSC than in larger countries. The only exception to that result is the number of federal levels, which seems to be quite similar to larger 
The extent and structure of international outsourcing               Organizational ChoiceRemarks    in-house: 7 intern. outs.: 14some of the 14 are part of a monetary union in-house: 14 intern. outs.: 7some of the 14 armies are more like police forces   fewer memberships, but nearly all VSC are members of the most important intern. organizations partly outsourced to larger fewer foreign embassies; adjacent countriesonly in important countries    14 out of 21 have only one chamber   significantly fewer members than in larger countries party systemno apparent difference between VSC and larger countries 4 to 14 ministers VSC; on average fewer than in larger 
countries   in-house: 5 intern. outs.: 16  in-house: 7 no: 14result is also dependent on geographic circumstances   in-house: 17 no: 4only 1 airport in a landlocked European VSC; result is of course also dependent on geographic circum- stances  no difference between VSC and larger countries no difference between VSC and larger countries financingmore public provision  mostly two levels, which means that there is no difference between VSC and larger countries                      


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