Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

really designed to fight in a war with a larger adjacent country. Foreign policy is another example for the constraints of international outsourc - ing. Nearly all VSC are members of the most important international or- ganizations, most of which give preference to VSC in relying on the «one country one vote»-principle for many decisions. Although these memberships are relatively expensive (permanent missions, data provi- sion obligations, etc.), VSC bear the costs, as they also do for embassies in, for them, important countries. 122 
Very small countries: organizational choice and international outsourcing Table 4.12: Summary of results of Chapter 4 with regard to international outsourcing Public goodCosts in FPUBLOperationalization «very high» costs: monetary systemvery lowmoney             defensevery lowarmy             foreign policyvery lowinternational organizations             embassies           legislative branchimplausibleparliament: no. of chambers       parliament: no. of members             executive branchimplausibleministers           «high» costs: higher educationlowfull universities     rail infrastruc-turelowrailway infrastructure         ports and airportsvery lowairports                   general health careimplausibleperformance       costs         general administrationimplausiblefederal levels             Abbreviations: FPBUL = foreign public agency; no. = number; intern. = international; outs. = outsourcing Sources: Tables in this Chapter and in the Appendix.


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