Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

When analyzing Table A.12, one comes across the expected feature of many VSC having a small number of political parties. Only one third of the chosen VSC have three or more political parties of significance. In six VSC, two parties dominate the political scene, either by distributing all the votes between them or by obtaining an overwhelming majority of votes. Some of the VSC, as can be seen in Table A.12, have only one party of significant size or only a single party. Four countries, namely, Brunei, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau have no parties at all. There is a ban on parties in Brunei, and in the case of the Pacific VSC, their cultu- ral heritage seems to make formal parties unnecessary in the political sys tem. Note that we do not indicate royal houses in Tables A.12 and A.13. As to the number of parliament chambers and the number of par- liament members, it was clearly expected that VSC would normally have only one chamber and, of course, fewer members compared to larger countries. Nevertheless, we could detect seven countries with two cham- bers of parliament, and the number of members ranges from 15 (St. Kitts and Nevis) to 65 (Malta). In most of the countries, membership in parliament is honorary, and members have full time employment else- where. An astonishing diversity appears in the number of cabinet members in the selected VSC. Monaco and San Marino get by with four cabinet members; Barbados needs 17, including three secretaries of state. On average, the selected countries, notwithstanding, have smaller cabinets than larger countries. The difference is, though, surprisingly small, es pec ially when we consider the ministerial level exclusively. Disregard - ing countries with traditionally huge cabinets like France, many national cabinets consist of 10 – 15 ministers. Note that the Commonwealth countries listed in Table A.13 in the Appendix have a Governor General in addition to the Prime Minister. Most other countries have a president, with the exception of Palau, where the President is also Prime Minister. The number of cabinet minis ters excludes Attorney Generals when they not have their own minister portfolio. Looking beyond mere numbers of ministers, there are some notable peculiarities of VSC. Naturally, in those countries with only a few cabi- net ministers, there are normally a lot of ministers with more than one assigned department. Furthermore, the Prime Minister sometimes has 118 
Very small countries: organizational choice and international outsourcing


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