allow literacy and other informative activities and no sanitary 
e. Seta 3,500 minimum annual loans 
Library Promotion 
o Establish a Friends of the Public Library organisation 
e Virtual community linked to Malta Libraries website and Facebook 
e Create blogs, book reviews and writing platforms 
Lending services: 
o Refurbishment of the Junior Library 
e Tiles, paint job, electricity and decoration - (estimate €66,000) 
* To abide by health and safety regulations Provide a better 
service and attract more visitors 
e Revamping the Junior collection: 
=» Weeding 
* Introduction of new subject areas and different media to meet 
clients needs — such as ebooks, dvds and cds 
=" Increase circulation to reach 108,000 loans 
" Increase new members to reach 2,600 members 
Maintain Adult Activities on a monthly basis 
e Requirements 
* €50 monthly allowance for supplies and/or sponsors 
Maintain the second-hand book shop 
e Requirements - 1 clerk (estimate €14,000 annual salary [Scale 
Maintain the Special Needs Library 
o Through the American Corner 
o Conversion of cassettes to mp3s 
Long-term Strategies till end of 2020 
Support to Regional and Branch libraries: 
o Regional Libraries will be re-allocated to: 


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