Volltext: Der Stellenwert des öffentlichen Bibliothekswesens in den Zwergstaaten Europas

safeguarding, of published documents and online electronic documents, whether they have or 
not a physical form; 
(c) to provide for the procedures and conditions for the downloading, copying, storage and the 
legal deposit of electronic hand-held and on line published documents, including those with 
access conditional to payment ; 
(d) to provide for the procedures and conditions for the exercise of the right of preference by the 
National Librarian in respect of any work, map, print, manuscript, record or any other 
(e) the involvement of local councils in the promotion and management of libraries; 
(f) the proper management and preservation of records and the manner in which the public may 
have access to the documents, records and objects in the libraries; 
(g) the standards and the manner in which copies, photocopies, and other reproductions of 
manuscripts, documents or other record in the libraries may be issued; 
(h) to establish the fees and dues which may be payable by or under, or for services rendered 
pursuant to the provisions of this Act; 
(i) to establish the conditions and procedures for the admission, access, safety, and use by the 
public of any library to which this Act applies and for the loan of any library material, and for 
the powers necessary by the National Librarian to enforce such conditions and procedures; 
(j) to ensure the better fulfilment of the functions of the Malta Libraries, the National Librarian, 
and the Council; 
(k) to regulate the appointment of officers and employees with the Malta Libraries; 
(D to regulate movement of documents, publications and records, and to establish guidelines for 
best preservation practice; 
(m) to provide for any forms or procedures which may be necessary or expedient and for which 
no express procedure 1s contained in this Act; 
(n) to add, substitute or amend any Schedule annexed to this Act; 
(0) to establish penalties not exceeding a fine (multa) of five hundred euro (€500) to which a 
person contravening the provisions of any Schedules to this Act or of any regulations made 
under this Act shall become liable; 
(p) to provide for the imposition of administrative fines or sanctions, and for their enforcement, 
upon any person acting in contravention of the provisions of this Act or of any Schedule thereto 
or of any regulations made thereunder, including the provision that any such administrative fine 
shall when it becomes final constitute an executive title for the effects and purposes of Title VII 
of Part I of Book Second of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure: 
Provided that any administrative fine provided for by regulations made under this article shall 
not exceed the sum of two hundred and fifty euro (€250); and 
(q) to prescribe anything else which may or is to be prescribed under this Act for the better 
carrying out of any of the provisions of this Act. 
34. Documents, publications, records, works and other materials in the custody of the Librarian 
on the day before the coming into operation of this Act are hereby transferred to the custody of 


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