Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
k. | If so, what is your limit of the number of copies kept per 
each publication in the repository library? 
1. | Do you note bequests in the catalogue? 
m.| Do you keep bequests in the magazine? x „The Cyprus Library, according to the Law 51, welcomes offers of publications, personal 
collections and other items from members of the public. While we do love to hear about 
possible donations, items are only accepted if they are in good physical condition and not 
already held in the Library's collection. The Library may offered to another library, items 
that are double copies or against the Collection Development Policy" **** 
n. | Do you catalogue everything you collect so that it is visi- 
ble in the OPAC? 
0. | Is yourown region emphasised in the catalogue? 
p. | If so, what kind of categories do you use (e.g. bibliog- 
raphy, fiction, culture, copyright, Publisher)? 
q. | Are publications in regions adjacent to your own region 
given special treatment? 
r. | Do you collect academic works in printed and digital ver- 
s. | Do you have arrangements concerning the collecting pro- 
cedures with other institutions such as archives, museums 
or any other documentation center? 
If so, in which form and about which contents? 
Do you collect websites? 
If so, in which style format do you collect the websites? 
In which periods do you collect the updated websites? 
What are your selection criterions for choosing websites 
that you collect? 
*http://www.cypruslibrary.gov.cy/moec/cl/cl.nsf/DMLacquisitions dep en/DMLacquisitions dep en?OpenDocument [28.10.2013]. 
**http://www.cypruslibrary.gov.cy/moec/cl/cl.nsf/DMLIsm_en/DMLIsm_en?OpenDocument [28.10.2013]. 
***http://www.cypruslibrary.gov.cy/moec/cl/cl.nsf/DMLreference dep en/DMLzreference dep en?OpenDocument [28.10.2013]. 
****http//www.cypruslibrary.gov.cy/moec/cl/cl.nsf/DMLdonations en/DMLdonations en?OpenDocument [28.10.2013]. 
**+*+**http;//www cypruslibrary.gov.cy/moec/cl/cl.nsf/DMLIoan_en/DMLloan en?OpenDocument [28.10.2013]. 


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