Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
How many copies are kept in a heritage collection (cultural 
treasure protection room) so that they cannot be borrowed? 
Do you rebuild reserves (repository library)? 
If so, what is your limit of the number of copies kept per each 
publication in the repository library? 
Do you note bequests 1n the catalogue? 
„The following is the list of Catalogues of the records of the Order of St. John pub- 
lished so far" 
https://www.education. gov.mt/Page.aspx?pid=695&depid=12&pageid=59 
Do you keep bequests in the magazine? 
The functions and responsibilities of the Malta Libraries shall be: „to accept and 
acquire private records of significance by gift, purchase, bequest or deposit” Article 
„the Order’s archives preserved in the National Library from its origins to the pre- 
sent day" http://www.orderofmalta.int/news/66929/the-national-library-of-malta- 
celebrates-the-order-past-and-present/?lang-en [21.10.2013]. 
,.Ihe documents pertaining to the Archives of the Order of Malta (A.O.M.) are di- 
vided into seventeen sections" 
,,A separate archival group made up of the records of the Treasury of the Order of 
Malta (Treas.) consists of 513 volumes divided into two series. These constitute the 
financial records formerly preserved in the Government Treasury. The “Treasury A’ 
section 1s a miscellanea of documents produced both by the Order of St. John and by 
the Università dei Giurati of Mdina. "Treasury B' documents consist of registers, 
journals of income and expenditure, /ibri esigenziali, and cabrei of several founda- 
,,Another archival group which is of particular interest to Maltese social historians 
consists of 658 volumes of documents pertaining to the medieval Università dei 
Giurati of Mdina and Valletta" 
Do you catalogue everything you collect so that it is visible in 
the OPAC? 
Is your own region emphasised in the catalogue? 
If so, what kind of categories do you use (e.g. bibliography, 
fiction, culture, copyright, Publisher)? 


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