Volltext: Vorbereitungen zu einer Ausarbeitung des Sammelauftrages der Liechtensteinischen Landesbibliothek

Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
| Newsletters | x OK | 
| ** pagel8 
Further questions: 
a. Do your collecting procedures concern the whole production of literature | xOK 
within your geographical area? 
b. | Do your collecting procedures also concern authors, who do not livein | X 
your geographical area, but have your citizenship? 
c. | Do you also collect foreign productions dealing about your geographical | xOK 
d. | Are only certain formats stored? X 
e. | Are formats standardized? X 
f. | Is there a minimum length (pages, lines or words) in a text to make it X 
g. | How many copies must be deposited? „Only one copy of each edition is placed in the national collection" * 9,In para- 
graph 8 the problem of storing and registration is defined. Two copies 
have to be deposited but only to one address. It is then the state institution 
that has the responsibility to move the other copy to the second place" ***** page 
h. | Are readers allowed to borrow the copies? X Only use in the reading room 
i | How many copies are kept in a heritage collection (cultural treasure pro- One copy 
tection room) so that they cannot be borrowed? 
j | Do you rebuild reserves (repository library)? x OK | ,,Only one copy of each edition is placed in the national collection, which means 
that duplicates and unaltered editions are discarded. Generally speaking a third of 
the monographs deposited are discarded, although the library try to limit the num- 
ber of duplicates by foresight” * 9 
k. | If so, what is your limit of the number of copies kept per each publication 
in the repository library? 
|. | Do you note bequests in the catalogue? xOK There are special catalogues **** page 7-8 
m. | Do you keep bequests in the magazine? xOK Different donations are mentioned *** page 8-10; Further information Danmarks 
Nationale Privatarkivdatabase. Online at: http://www.danpa.dk/ [12.10.2013]. 
Since 1990 new acquisitions (with a few exceptions) are placed numerus currens" 
http://www.kb.dk/en/nb/samling/HA/hs samlinger/index.html 12.10.2013]. 
,some of the special collections are also registered in REX" 
http://www.kb.dk/en/nb/samling/ds/index.html 12.10.2013]. 
n. | Do you catalogue everything you collect so that it is visible in the | X Except ephemera and single photos 


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