Masterarbeit Beat Vogt 
some types of ephemera excluded”)** page 3 
Active and Only Creatinga | Comments 
passive passive | copy in the 
Collection Collection | catalogues 
1.14 Photos X OK photographs* 1 ; http://www [12.10.2013]. 
1.15 Handmade pictures X OK pietures® Newspaper Cartoons 
1.16 Maps X OK maps* 1 
Postcards X ,Ihe collection consists of approximately 16 million images; photography — prints and 
1.17 negatives —, drawings, etchings and modern print techniques and it covers all imaginable 
subjects” http://www [12.10.2013]. 
1.18 Notes, printed musical compositions x OK Sheet music *** page 7 
2.1 Microforms x OK http://www [12.10.2013]. 
22 Vinyl Records x OK music in 
: conventional and digital form* 1 
23 Magnetic tapes xOK music in 
: conventional and digital form* 1 
24 VHS video cassettes x OK 
25 Disks (CD, CD ROM, DVD, Blu- xOK ,CD-ROMS, discs" *** page 7 
ipedia- articles 
3.1 E books x OK 
32 Books-on-demand (web publishing) X 
Websites published by organisations xOK ** page 10 
3.3 ,Ihe situation in Denmark is that we do not have the right to make an active collection 
of pages that have not been reported to the Library" ***** page 246 
blogs X During summer and autumn 2012 Netarkivet was concentrating specifically on the 
collection of social media. In the late summer the Archive managed to collect ca. 18 000 
34 Danish-related YouTube videos, and a number of experiments were made with collect- 
' ing Danish Facebook and Twitter profiles. In 2012 the Archive managed to conduct four 
annual cross-section harvestings, 1.e. complete harvestings of all Danish domains (as 
opposed to three annual cross-section harvestings) *** page 9 
35 Websites: public, shared (e.g. Wik- X 


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