Das Fasten- oder Hungertuch von Bendern 
stammt aus dem Jahr 1612 und ist ein seltenes 
Stück kirchlicher Tradition. Auf einer Fläche von 
4,7 m x 6,3 m erzählt es in 24 gemalten Bildern 
Szenen aus dem Alten und Neuen Testament. 
Heute ist es im Liechtensteinischen Landes- 
museum ausgestellt. 
Le Drap de Careme ou Drap de Jeune de Bendern 
date de 1612. C’est une pièce rare de la tradition 
religieuse. Sur une surface de 4,7 m sur 6,3 m, on 
peut voir 24 scènes peintes tirées de l’Ancien et du 
Nouveau Testament. De nos jours, il est exposé 
au Musée du Liechtenstein. 
The Bendern Lent Altar Cloth stems from the 
year 1612 and is an unusual piece of church tradi- 
tion. On an area of 4.7 m x 6.3 m it depicts 24 
scenes from the Old and New Testament. The 
original is now displayed in the National Museum 
of Liechtenstein. 
good constitution. Those who want to practice with a team of 
climbers can also find worthwhile tours, even if they are not 
tempted by first ascents or spectacular north faces. — The 
Fuerstensteig is a mountain path, which attracts numerous 
natives of Liechtenstein as well as many guests. A pathway 
daringly cut in the rocks of the Three Sisters Chain, which 
continues as a hiking path on one and then the other side of 
the mountain ridge. It stretches way up over the valley bot- 
tom, and anyone who is not free from giddiness could have 
difficulties in spite of the safety facilities which are built into 
the rock. On a clear day one has an excellent view reaching 
into the Swiss Alps and across Lake Constance into the 
Allgau mountain chain. From here one also has a view across 
the whole of the country of Liechtenstein: The river Rhine, 
which has been constrained by mighty dykes since the middle 
of the last century and the fertile plain which has been won by 
this action. In the North near Vorarlberg one can see the low- 
lands and the Eschnerberg sloping in the valley, the highland 
villages which advance from the mountain slopes well towards 
the river. One can see as far as the Luziensteig in the South 
and the pass to Graubuenden guarded by Gutenberg Castle. 
On the East side of the mountain ridge the wooded Samintal 
forms a stark contrast to the fertile Rhine plain. 
To a large extent there is nothing spectacular about these 
beauties. There is no Matterhorn stretching its snow covered 
peak towards the heavens, no Rhinefalls thundering and 
spraying into the deep. What also makes Liechtenstein differ- 
ent is the fact that its silent and often contrasting beauties are 
concentrated in a very small area. The country encompasses a 
mere 160 square kilometres but nevertheless boasts, in land- 
scape ranging from the lowland wetland of the Ruggeller 
Riede to the high mountain chain of the Falknis group, all 
intermediate geographical stages with their characteristic 
peculiarities in formations, flora and fauna. 
The one day tourist visitor does not see any of this. He 
perhaps looks up at the castle from the centre of Vaduz and 
regrets that the sovereign’s castle may not be visited; it is pos- 


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