Volltext: Very small countries: economic success against all odds

CountryN. o. cab. N. o. Secr. Cabinet Departments min.ao. State St. Kitts 80Finance, Development, Planning a. National a. NevisSecurity, Foreign a. CARICOM Affairs, Inter - national Trade, Community a. Social Develop - ment; Tourism, Information, Telecommuni ca - tions, Commerce a. Consumer Affairs; Health a. the Environment; Agriculture, Fisheries, Co- operatives, Lands and Housing; Culture, Youth a. Sports; Communications, Works a. Public Utilities; Education, Labor a. Social Security St. Vincent a.  90Agriculture a. Labor; Communications a. t. GrenadinesWorks; Education, Culture, Women’s a. Ecclesiastical Affairs; Finance, Public Service, Home Affairs a. National Security; Foreign Affairs, Tourism a. Information; Health a. the Environment; Housing, Local Government, Youth, Sports a. Community Development; Justice; Trade, Industry a. Commerce a including Head of Government Abbreviations: diff. = difference; expect. = expectation; N. o. cab. min. = Number of cabinet ministers; N. o. secr. o. state = Number of secretaries of state; a. = and. Sources: http://www.Andorra.ad/govern/compouk.html; http://www.Brunei.gov.bn/min_dept/index.html; http://brunnur.stjr.is/interpro/stjr/stjr.nsf/pages/english-index; http://www.firstlink.li/regierung/regierungsraete.htm; http://www.gouvernement.lu/gouv/fr/gouv/membgouv/index.html; http://www.magnet.mt/ministries/index.html; http://www.fsmgov.org/ngovt.html; http://www.gouv.mc/dataweb/gouvmc.nsf; http://www.polisci.com/world/nation/PS.htm; http://www.stkittsnevis.net/directory.html as of 03/17/01; http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/chiefs/chiefs[3,5,12,15,18,52,70,79,103,105,112,117,119,124,135,14 7,149,151,155].html as of 03/17/01; http://www.georgetown.edu/pdba/Executive/[COUNTRY-NAME]/heads.html as of 03/17/01. Note that data in Table A.13 is subject to frequent changes and should, therefore, be viewed as tenta - tive evidence. Current data are available at the web-sites listed here.


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