Liechtenstein Politische Schriften
agricultural sector is a little smaller than the average; the proportion of the service sector is higher than 70% of GDP and of the total work force. The industrial sector has traditionally been dominated by steel, but has become more diversified within the last decades. Banking and financial services are an important pillar of the Luxem bourg economy. Imports and exports as well as trading partners are highly diversi fied al though there still are relatively intensive trade relations with Bel gium and the Netherlands, the other two countries of the BENELUX group. The population of Luxembourg is rather homogeneous in Euro - pean terms. Taking nationality, there are about 25% foreigners, most of whom are citizens of an EU member country. Official languages are Lëtzebuergesch (a Moselle-Frankish dialect), German and 
French. Monaco The Principality of Monaco is one of the most famous VSC, since it is considered to be a refuge for celebrities and top athletes. The attraction of Monaco is its tax-free personal income status. Although costs of living and especially housing are extremely high, the net benefit of moving to Monaco from a high-tax European country is mostly positive for the rich. Monaco is also well known for a series of big events, among which sport events are the most prominent, and for casino activities. It is not surprising that tourism, therefore, is an important source of income. Independent since 1489, Monaco is a traditional VSC. Its economic and political independence is however rather limited due to its high integra- tion with France (currency and customs union). Unemployment and inflation rates are comparable to Liechtenstein or Luxembourg. An extremely high proportion (nearly 90%) of the Mone gasque are employed in the service sector. The rest is accounted for by the industrial sector; the primary sector is negligible and natural re- sources do not exist. An important source of income for the public sec- tor are monopolies operated by the government, including telecommu- nication, tobacco industries, etc. The only industrial activities of consi- derable size, also as exports, are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic indus - tries. Although data on the Monegasque economy are very scarce, which is especially true of foreign trade, it is not difficult to conclude that Monaco imports a large variety of goods and 
Sources of welfare in VSC


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