Liechtenstein Politische Schriften
Prinz Nikolaus von Liechtenstein Liechtensteinische Aussenpolitik an einer Wende Sumraary The lessons Liechtenstein can draw from its history is on the one hand its dependence from foreign powers, on the other hand the importance of affirming its identity and of convincing other states through clever diplomacy of their interest to respect Liechtenstein^ sovereignty. In doing so Liechtenstein has to be aware of its responsibility to contribute with its modest means but with the possible moral authority of the powerless to a better world. The priority partners in Liechtensteins foreign policy are the neighbours, Austria and Switzerland. A customs, monetary and postal union make the relationship with Switzerland a special one. Therefore the rapprochement of its neighbours towards the European Commu­ nity has a great impact also on Liechtenstein. It will be the challenge of the Coming years to find a place for the country in the european integration which allows to maintain its identity and its prosperity, in close Cooperation with the neighbours. In many ways Liechtenstein is well prepared for this new chapter in european history. Not in the least, the extensive multilateral Cooperation - Liechtenstein is among others member of the UN, the CSCE, the Council of Europe and the EFTA - gives it a good starting position in european and global diplomacy. 307


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