Liechtenstein Politische Schriften
Clark C. Abt and Karl W. Deutsch until the world enjoys free, peaceful, democratic, and efficient world gover­ nment. Armenia, for example, existed in 500 BC. Serbia, Croatia, Estonia and Denmark go back at least 1000 years. These are very old small countries that are now re-emerging into new independence. Switzerland, as everyone knows, had its 700th birthday in 1991. Icel and is even older, but that may be a special case because it is a remote island nation. In any case it may be observed that small states and countries survive longer than large states and countries, thus far. Perhaps the small states live longer because they live better. With that we may well ask, how rich or how poor can or should small states be? Can they or must they be rich to survive for long? Rich relatively or absolutely? What is believed in Liechtenstein, concerning this question of the relation of wealth to size in the survivability of states? What can scho­ lars from the democratic rich small states of Western Europe say to the Armenian, Georgian, Estonian, Latvian, Bosnian, Albanian, and yet smaller states in Africa learned from our experience in Liechtenstein as one of the richest and most beautiful small states? How strong should we be in the defense of small states? As strong as Switzerland or Israel where most of the population is militarily trained and can be armed and mobilized overnight in self-defense of the nation? Or as gently defended as Costa Rica, with only police and no army of its own, despite being bordered by two relatively militarised states Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica has no defense problem -1 don't know why not, but it doesn't have one. (This comment is a bit disingenuous. It is not too difficult to see how Costa Rica's firm fifty-year political-economic friendship with the dominant regional military and economic power interested in maintai­ ning its independence has kept it peacefully secure at low cost to itself.) Finally, how happy can one be in a small state or country? I've asked my students if they would prefer to raise their children in a small or large coun­ try. They all opted to raise their children in a large country, but of course they were all thinking of the United States. When asked if the large state were Russia, they all preferred the small country for raising their families. One can't help wondering how the people of the large and small states of Eastern and Western Europe would answer this question, if the choices are between the large state of the EC or France or Italy or Germany or Russia, or the rich and peaceful democratic small countries of Western Europe or the poor and strife-torn small countries of Eastern Europe. How healthy is living in a small country? It may depend more on per 26


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