These two events which effected widely the character of the landscape, nameJy the delayed cultivation of the coomb and the economic expan- sion, influence the nature and landscape of the alpin rhine valley to a great extent. A strong despolliation of the landscape through building activities, with a building area of more than 2000 ha, which would have room for more than 100 000 inhabitants without any agglomeration (at present there are just 27 000 inhabitants) together with a strong speculative pressure upon the soil, represent a strong factor of strain for the landscape. Up to now an intensive cultivation of the soil and a streamline agriculture have been able to shift this pressure upon the natural landscape, which consequently has remained only in the füll in space isles now. The actual piece of work tries to trade back the change of the landscape of the rhine valley in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which was proofen trough intensiv research based upon regional and social- economic conditions. The courses and effects for both, the settlement and the vacant areas, are worked out in details, and conclusions concerning necessary measures to be taken by Liechtenstein in the future are drawn. transl. V. Peternell / W. Kaufmann 291


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