bles d'heberger sans densification aucune plus de 100 000 habitants alors que la population actuelle atteint ä peine 27 000 personnes, ainsi qu'une certaine speculation fonciere constituent une des grandes forces agissant sur le paysage. L'agriculture rationalisee en a deplace Timpact en intensifiant la culture des terrains encore relativement naturels, qui ne subsistent plus que sous forme de rares Ties. Compte tenu des conditions naturelles et socio-economiques, le pre- sent travail tente de decrire la mutation du paysage de la plaine du Rhin au Liechtenstein ä l'aide de diverses etudes. II montre en detail les causes et leurs effets dans les zones urbanisees et ä la campagne et tire des conclusions pour les necessaires perspectives d'avenir pour le pays. trad. J.-B. Chappuis SUMMARY In Liechtenstein, just 5000 hectares of landscape make up the small Valley, between the Alpine River Rhine and the mountain scopes, which means 30 % of the whole area. Formely recurrent inundations by the rhine, the strong weathering due to tectonic influencies accom- panied by frequent mountain torrents and numerous conflagrations in the villages caused by the south wind, called "Föhn", did not allow any economic prosperity in this corridor. This fact is proven when the older buildings that are still at hand are examined closely. Only the enbanke- ment of the rhine and the consequently drainage of the planes around the rhine valley trough the construction of a main canal gradually allowed an intensiv agricultural use, these successful Operations taking place from about 1850 until the II. World-War. At the turn of the Century it was still 1600-1800 hectares of wetlands that covered the coomb, which represented about 40% of the whole area at that time. Today only about 8% are left. In Liechtenstein the abrupt change from a population of mainly agricultural workers to a postindustrial society took place only until the lenght of one genera- tion. While more than 30% of the population worked in the fields of agriculture and forestry during the II. World War, this rate has been reduced to 3 % at present. 290


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