Volltext: Jahrbuch des Historischen Vereins für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein (2008) (107)

An entente cordiale. 
bands and singing societies, my glance turned again to this eye refreshment. The ride across the piain carried me past a score of haying parties, with women doing a goodly share of the work, but wearing only a small fraction of the shoe leather. Children go barefoot. Except in the towns, most of the women wear nothing on their feet and legs. Man, rieh or poor, requires stout shoes, with hobnails. Throughout the triangle marked by Schaan, Nen- deln, and Bendern flow occasional drainage canals cut in the peat, with bricks of the fuel spiked onto staves to dry before being piled in the shelter of rude sheds. Fierce-fanged flies hover in the vicinity. It is a privilege there to be a man and to wear woolen socks, which must discourage even these voracious pests a little. How do the barelegged women and children stand it? As on the mountain sides, the hay is of a coarse, uncertain character, combining rieh, sweet-scented clover with rank weeds. Except on the steepest slopes, this hay, when cut, is draped over vertical posts with three crossbars inserted in them. Rain is so frequent and these drying racks so in- dispensable that the amount of hay cut at one time depends on the number of drying racks and the amount of labor available. On the steep mountain side the dried hay is raked to the bottom, so that during the haying season long ribbons of cut and un- cut fields reach up the tip-tilted landscape like verti- cal stripes on two-toned green velvet, and the width of the stripes indicates the number offarm hands or the State of the weather. In Vaduz the week-end is holiday time. Saturday night brings the weekly «movie» to a hotel drinking hall. Not a score of people were there, and I was told that such is usually the case. The Liechtensteiner prefers to drink his beer in a lighted room. At the inn there was as much enthusiasm as there had been apathy before the tarnished silver sheet. The men's singing society was tuning up. The power of music on savage breasts is known, but the ability of a swinging song to weld a lot of insignificant men into an impressive unit is worthy of notice. 218


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