Volltext: Jahrbuch des Historischen Vereins für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein (2008) (107)

The V-shaped Hinterland of a stone-throw State. Al- though comprising only 62 Square miles of territory, Liechtenstein is possessed of a hinterland in the Sami- na Valley. The ridge at the right is the backbone of the land, while in left center is Sücca, cattle-grazing Sta- tion and rest house. At the end of the valley is the Naafkopf, 8441-footfron- tier point between Switzer- land, Liechtenstein, and the Vorarlberg province of Austria. 
The homes ränge from weather-worn wooden structures, whose color matches the kindling wood stored under their eaves, with bright geraniums lighting up the shadowy, brown-stained verandas, to bright stucco homes that might be anywhere. Op- posite the church is a delightful little chalet, which needs a mountain attached to it, but it is bright with flowers, deep and low of eaves, and has a four- toothed baby on the porch. There are no office buildings or business blocks. A window or two is enlarged, a partition left out, and a house becomes a general störe, a shoe-shop, or the post office. The Government Building rather over- awes with its Renaissance style, its bright mosaic in gilt and colors, and its imposing porch; yet this seat of the populär Diet and the Prince's Administrator is as approachable as any building in the town. Bicy- cles are draped negligently about it and the cattle driver, laying his goad aside, enters with all confi- dence. REIGNING PRINCE TOOK OFFICE BEFORE LINCOLN'S INAUGURATION Machiavelli says, «Dominions are either accus- tomed to live under a prince or to live in freedom.» The people of Liechtenstein do both. Who would be so prosaic as to verify the rumor that until recently the people of this favored land not only had to perform no military Service or pay taxes, but even sent to their Prince the bills for entertain- ments given in his honor? When confronted with the figure of a benign prince 87 years of age, who would inquire just how much hand that genial gentleman actually has in ad- ministering a Principality only one-thirtieth as large as his private estates? Liechtenstein is so small, so neighborly, that one who delves for facts regarding it is by way of feeling himself a gossip monger. The old chäteau, restored in 1907 to habitability, but Atting perfectly its ancient site, is a veritable treasure house, its rieh relics doubtless worth more than the land itself. 214


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