Volltext: Jahrbuch des Historischen Vereins für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein (2008) (107)

A budding member of the unofficial secret service. So neighborly a place is the Principality of Liechten- stein, with its 11 000 peo- ple, that official bulletins are raere gossip sheets, and a chummy youngster can leam more about a casual visitor than the metropoli- tan police of larger places do from a printed question- naire. 
which balances the Schellenberg, is Klein Mels. The small Cluster of homes is merged into a green piain cut by a white road leading to the Klein Mels-Trüb- bach bridge, one of the four covered wooden struc- tures which furnish communication with Switzer- land across the man-tamed Rhine. To the left, or north of us, the arms of the Y con- fine a wide triangle of level, marshy land, with three small groups of houses spaced across its farther edge. Above them rises the Schellenberg, a low, rolling hill dwarfed by flanking mountains. Above Schaan towers a wild rock face, scarred and torn by time's shrapnel. Closing in the southern end of the landscape is the Falknis group, almost as rugged. Between the 7000-foot Kühgratspitze and 8420-foot Falknis the country's backbone dips to a scant 5000 feet, so that one can look across this saddle to the Naafkopf, whose 8441 feet, shared with Austria and Switzerland, marks the highest of a dozen or so more-than-mile-high peaks in this pygmy Principality. At the sag in the ridge the cross-country road saves a few feet of height by means of a Short tunnel joining the populous Triesenberg with the deserted slopes of the Samina Valley. In summer one walks through this dripping tube from the hush of hay- fields to the sound of grazing cattle swaying melodi- ous bells. The Samina Valley, narrow, thickly wooded for the most part, and lightened at its bottom by a silver- green, impetuous river, cannot be seen from the Swiss slope where we stand, but as we include in our view the heights beyond it, we can safely be said to command the entire country in one glance. RIVALS MONACO FOR INCLUSIVE VIEW Probably no other State except Monaco has been seen in its entirety by so many people. Neither An- dorra nor San Marino is so advantageously placed. Every visitor to the Swiss society resorts of Davos and St. Moritz could look the length of the Principal- ity from Sargans before his train turns south away from Liechtenstein. The traveler to the Lake of Con- 210


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